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Original Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Robert B. Atkins was born and raised in Monroe, Michigan. He was taught to question everything as a child, to learn how things were made and how they functioned, and to utilize foresight in anything he designed.

Robert became interested in computers and technology through his grandfather, Karl F. Koths. Karl would instruct Robert in various science experiments, which would eventually reinforce Robert’s fact-based views of the world. Karl also taught Robert how computers functioned by having him practice coding in C++, running various operating systems (starting with DOS), and maintaining hardware.

During his school years and time spent with his parents Robert learned about art, architecture, product design, and business. In high school Robert developed an interest in communication, specifically in radio broadcasting. He was elected the Program Director of the Monroe High School radio station from the years 2002-2003.

After Robert graduated, he obtained an internship at NPR’s Detroit Public Radio Station. This provided him with the ability to understand how large teams of people worked together to accomplish production demands and real-time operation of a large radio station.

In college Robert focused on communications, business, and computer science. He took several hardware and software courses studying networking, security, programming, and design elements for internet applications.

With this culmination of knowledge, Robert came up with the idea for the You Pass Universe. Within a year of the initial idea in 2010, Robert met Basil Miracle through a mutual acquaintance. Robert and Basil soon learned that they were able to offer complimentary ideas to each other to design the system outlined on this website. Robert embraced the idea of combining the old and the new to form something familiar, yet completely different in operation.

Robert met his wife Susan Atkins (Cnockaert) in 2013, and the couple married in 2016. He has since been encouraged and supported by her; without her assistance the You Pass Universe would still just be a dream on paper.

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