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What is You Pass Universe?
You Pass Universe LLC.

What is You Pass Universe?

What is YPU?
What are we about?

  • At the You Pass Universe LLC. we are building the world's first spatial gaming hub codename: "Project 512".

  • "Project 512" is an integral first piece of the world's first "Unified Communication Operating System Network" SingularityOSN.

  • SingularityOSN is a system that uses inter-connected programs and communication protocols instead of segmented websites and applications that users rely on today.

  • We intend to blend both the physical realm and the digital realm in a way that is non-invasive and puts people first above all else.

Making it all in the United States of America.

  • We are operating all of our systems right here in southeast Michigan to serve America and the rest of the world.
  • All systems have been programmed in a fully remote environment, giving flexibility of the Modern Work Environment to all of the YPU Team.
  • We also plan to manufacture all of the devices and components right here in Michigan, the state that is the unionized automotive factory worker's birthplace.
  • We will bring new economic security to the state that gave Manufacturing its name.
Embracing Midwestern Values.

  • We view people as people, not just a number on our user account list.

  • Every member of the core founding team is from the United States.

  • Every member of the team is building a digital system for a better tomorrow.

Customer Service local to you.

  • All customer service will be local in nature, the representative shall be located in your country physically. When we expand to other countries, each will have its own local call center to avoid dialect confusion. This will also support local economic jobs.
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What does Tomorrow hold?

You Pass Universe: A Brief History of Time

Brief History Timeline

Check out the You Pass Universe Team.

We're a mix of different personalities that came together to create the You Pass Universe.

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