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Share Social Content

Using Quick Comm & Currents, users can interact with people worldwide.

The 2D interface is far from dead. We put a twist on 2D Spatials, where 3D Environments house 3D Programs presented in a 2D manner.

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Digital social media

Build virtual worlds

Customize your 3D world.

Use a suite of tools to sculpt, design, and place objects around your private map.

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Video Game Designers

Filter Content to your liking

Control the content that you see.

Enjoy the freedom of choosing who's content you see and what kind of content you see with on-demand filters.

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Food photography

Make new Friends

Meet people in traditional 2D or 3D with digital twins.

Whether you use SingularityOSN in a traditional 2D Manner or would prefer to meet people in the 3D Spatial is up to you.

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Group of Friends

Find new interests

Explore the multi:Verse.

Find any interest category under the sun. Learn new skills, and see 2D or 3D examples of how to perform a task.

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Purchase Creator Content

Purchase new items for your 3D world from other platform creators.

Whether you like a particular style or prefer content from particular creators, SingularityOSN has you covered.

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Content Creator
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