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Michigan, USA

Co-Founder | Junior Front-End Developer

Brennar Schopp was born in Holland, Michigan, and has lived there all his life. Recently graduating from Ferris State University with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Digital Animation and Game Design, Brennar’s love for programming stems from the desire to use logic to solve problems.

Interested in video games from a young age, Brennar found his inspiration to join the games industry after playing Stardew Valley on his first-ever PC and being blown away by the effort and passion it took just one person to make such a fantastic game. Ferris State ended up being a great school to study at, and Brennar learned many skills, made new friends, and was a member of the university’s Overwatch esports roster during his time there.

Brennar was drawn to You Pass Universe’s goal of using SingularityOSN to put users first above companies and bottom lines. He feels right at home with the Midwestern values YPU promotes and believes remote and flexible work is the future all companies should strive for.

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