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Control your content, don't let an algorithm dictate what you see.

What makes us different?

Vote on System Changes.

All users vote on how the system operates based on democratic consensus. Every single user on the platform has to adhere to the same rules that have been determined by the social community.

Control your own data.

No single tech company to this day gives you complete control over your own data. That is, until now. SingularityOSN gives you 100% Control over your information. Stop being the pawn in a chess game, and become the King of your information for the first time, digitally, today!

Control your content.

Today, every tech company uses algorithms that pick and choose the content you see, thereby limiting posts from people you know. In SingularityOSN, you control everything pertinent to you. Setup your own rules, and finally start seeing what your friends and family post without limitation.

Control your digital life.

In the age of Big Tech, we have all lost the ability to control what is shown about us on the internet. With SingularityOSN, never again be the victim of data brokers or data-miners. SingularityOSN comes with multiple profiles that are pertinent to each aspect of your life. You will have complete control over each of these profiles; this automatically controls what type of information other groups can see that isn't connected to a particular profile for your life.

In Example:

  • Potential employers will see your work histories, such as a resume and skillset, as well as your professional headshot.

  • Current employers will only see your skillset, department, job function, and anything else related to the job.

  • Neither potential nor current employers will be able to see anything outside of your work profile.

This multiple profile system works the same with every profile you have on the system. Only the individuals or organizations part of your specific profile will see content from that specific profile and nothing else.

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