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Manage your digital assets

Have actual digital property rights, license out variations of your 3D assets.

3D Assets as NFTs don't provide actual ownership. Our DPR (Digital Property Rights) system provides you with complete control over your 3D assets. This lets you have absolute scarcity and increases the value of your digital product.

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Grow your audience

Automatically grow your audience, and expand your reach.

Due to the interest targeting system on the network. Users who are interested in particular content will see your content if it applies to them. No fighting with an algorithm. If a user searches for, or is subscribed to an interest category. Your content will be shown.

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Target Stands

Sell your digital assets

Safely and securely sell your digital assets for a fair profit share price.

Instead of taking 40-60% of your revenue. YPU has a 5-10% exclusive revenue sharing program for your digital asset distribution on the network. Partner with us, and keep the majority of your sale.

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Give your assets virtual perks

Give your digital twin product unique virtual abilities to your users.

Imagine selling your product physically and virtually at the same time. Not only will you get name recognition virtually, but it’ll increase your name recognition for physical products. When selling products or services, any number of custom perks you choose can be applied, giving the user specific abilities that will only come from purchasing and utilizing your product virtually.

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