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Big Tech & You.

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Every minute, of every day, users of the internet are exploited by the Tech Giants of the world.

When we first began developing the SingularityOSN, it was a mission and a cause, to provide safe harbor for users of the internet worldwide.

Big Tech has a monopoly on the services you use, and this is a small list of just some of the things Big Tech does against your well-being.

Personal Information Exploitation:

A vast trove of personal information is kept on you by data miners, data brokers, big tech, and others. PC Magazine released an article on how much information is kept on you, and what types of information are kept.

Allowing Hate & Extremism:

Multiple Big Tech companies, notably Facebook, continue to recommend Extremist groups such as Qanon, White Supremacist, Neo-Confederate, Racist, and Anti-Semitic groups. A study published in 2016 indicated that 64% of individuals joined these Extremist groups due to a Facebook Recommendation.

Allowing misinformation:

Much of the world's turmoil stems from Misinformation that shows up in Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, and on an unregulated internet. Social Media allows the spread of misinformation like wildfire. If it's exaggerated enough and if it's sensational enough, it becomes viral. When misinformation is allowed to become viral, it affects people in a similar way a pathogenic virus affects people. The viral misinformation corrupts their mind into believing falsehoods.

Giving access to your data for big profit:

Big Tech convinces website operators to attach things like the "Facebook Pixel." Which lets Facebook, Google, and other Big Tech see what you're looking at, how long you spend your time on a page, how much you view an image or video. These companies know the content you're looking at, and the list goes on and on. When Big Tech Targets and Re-Targets users, you're in their pocket, letting them make an exuberant profit off of your browsing by allowing advertisers to see that content you're viewing and then selling you the same or similar products.

Tracking your location:

Nearly every single application or tech platform tracks your location. But why? you may ask. The Tech companies say that they can provide you with better services if they know where you are digitally or physically.

Don't be fooled by these data harvesting tactics.

Losing your data to hackers:

Nearly every single Tech Company has had a data breach in the past. Why is this happening?

Every Tech Company runs on the internet, a platform that wasn't designed for security.

Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the world wide web (internet) was quoted in the Guardian saying “It’s amazing how clever people can be, but when you build a new system it is very, very hard to imagine the ways in which it can be attacked.”

Big Tech - In Conclusion:


There is an old expression that states the following. "To do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result is an act of insanity." To that end, continuing to use the Internet with its lack of foresight and security methods will only result in constant hacker infiltration or manipulation of any organization type.

SingularityOSN was created for the People, not to exploit them for profit or expose them to extremism or false information. Other Big Tech companies have started to say "We value your privacy." Yet they continue to do what they've been doing. Don't be fooled; they had shown their true colors when they started exploiting the American Public and the world.

It's time the American Public and the World gain their Independence from the Tech Elites grasp, and take back their personal information digitally for the first time in the world's history. That is why we are building SingularityOSN and its separate, wholly new, environmentally-friendly infrastructure.

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