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SingularityOSN Benefits:


People Powered

Users vote on system changes, giving control to the people, rather than a corporation, or specific organization.



Meet new people, don't be constrained to your current group of friends. Easily find people who are like-minded. Collaborate together, make a team for a project, or make a new best friend.


Private Activities

On your Personal Profiles "Be You". Setup your family, close friends, friends, and acquaintance profiles so they each will see different content automatically.

Control your data, and keep away the snooping eyes of:

  • Employers

  • Family

  • Acquaintences

  • Government


From activities you don't want them to see.

SingularityOSN handles the rest for you automatically.


Sentry Security

State of the art security suite named the "Sentry System". Will protect everything you do on the SingularityOSN, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Never again worry about hackers breaking into your system and stealing your information.

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